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castle of umbriano exclusive italian property for sale in Umbria

The future comes from the past. Welcome to Umbriano, a magnificent and isolated castle immersed in the beautifully green Umbria, where history and tradition merge with nature to create a magical place.

Perched on a spur of rock from where it dominates the whole Valnerina (also called "the hidden gem of Umbria"), Umbriano is truly a one-of-a-kind destination: a small urban settlement at the beginning, then a village, and finally a true fortified castle and place of great importance because of its strategic location.

The castle of Umbriano, uninhabited since many years, is now on sale.

The project shown on this website illustrates a complete recovery and new existence of the castle of Umbriano, but it is also possible to work on a variety of approaches that suit the new owner's needs and specifications.

Take a tour of Umbriano here and discover the possibility of becoming the owner of a wonderfully unique and exclusive castle.



THE CASTLE OF UMBRIANO is located in beautiful Umbria, Italy, a land rich in history and traditions, also known as "Tuscany's little sister". It is in a strategic position, both for transportation and tourism, as it is just a few miles from the city of Terni, which is in turn close to the city of Perugia (with the closest international airport), and roughly 60mi from Rome and 110mi from Florence, Tuscany. Due to its position, it is very quiet and has a spectacular view of the Valnerina Valley and the Marmore falls, the highest in Europe. With a very short transfer it’s possible to visit places like Assisi, Spoleto, Orvieto, Siena and the Chianti area.


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